What Not to Feed Your Cat

Posted by admin23 on 25th August 2010


Most cats are picky eaters but when it comes to certain human foods, they just can’t pass it up.  That doesn’t mean it’s good for them though, just because they love it the food could still be really harmful for your cats.  I have listed a few foods below that you should try to keep out of your cat’s diet:

Tuna – Too much of this can cause Mercury poisoning (out of a can, package or raw)

Garlic & Onions – These can cause Anemia in your cat killing their red blood cells

Alcohol – This is a big no-no.  You shouldn’t ever have a reason to feed your cat alcohol.  The tiniest bit can be very harmful and possibly deadly.

Grapes – May cause kidney failure for your cat.

Candy – The Xylitol can cause liver failure.

Bones or Trimmings – This can cause Pancreatitis in cats or kittens.

Raw Meat & Fish – These can cause food poisoning from bacteria in the meat.

These are just a few that come to mind.  I just stay clear of feeding my cats human food.  They have a nutritious diet and that’s what is important to keep them healthy and living a long happy life.  If you do choose to give them any kind of human food, I would find out first if it’s safe by doing your own research or consulting a vet.


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